Thursday, February 28, 2008

Bye-Bye Nap Time

This week Jeremy finally convinced me that Jake has outgrown nap time. With Jake bouncing in his bed for 2.5+ hours last night after bedtime, I finally conceded my precious two hours of daily sanity. When am I ever going to get toilets cleaned and my homework read now . . .

Today's lack of nap time really wasn't all that bad, until Jake asked me to read him a story. After the second read-through of "Go Dog Go!" I admit I dozed off (ever since my pregnancy started, many days his nap time has been MY nap time too). Well Jake, making the most of the situation, rummaged around the junk drawer and found some stickers I used for our garage sale last summer. I woke up to him saying, "Stickers for the new baby!"

As you can tell from the picture, Jake is very excited for his new sibling to arrive.