Saturday, June 21, 2008

Baby Shower

Two other ladies in my ward are expecting little boys this summer - Gwen is due with her second boy a month before me in July, and Sara is due with kiddo #4 at the end of August. Technically we have all had boys before and shouldn't fall under the baby shower category but thanks to Anna, April, Lizzie and everyone else, all three of us ladies got a triple baby shower together! It was so fun talking with everyone and eating all the yummy food. The get-to-know-you game was a little embarrassing for me personally, but the ladies seemed to get a kick out of it! ;)

Pictures of everyone at the party would be much more entertaining, but sadly I forgot my camera. So, I'm settling for a "loot" picture and one showing off the diaper cakes that both April and Sara made us (Jake got to Sara's before I could put it up high and my pathetic recreation doesn't do her justice). Thanks again everyone, it was a blast! :)