Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sibling Love

I was a little nervous on how Jake and Julie would react to having another sibling added to the mix. I think I was projecting my fears of taking care of three kids under the age of four onto them because they have literally embraced the arrival of their new baby brother.

Ok, Julie has her moments of jealousy where she tries to climb onto my lap while I'm feeding Caleb or steals his binky, but then she'll turn right around and give him a kiss. Whenever she hears Caleb cry she says, "Uh-Oh, baby!" and runs over to his bassinet.

Jake just loves his new brother to pieces. I swear he has his own special smile that only comes out when he talks about his baby brother. If it involves Caleb, Jake will do anything to be a big helper. Caleb can do no wrong in Jakes eyes. Even if Caleb is screaming at the top of his lungs Jake just laughs and thinks he's being cute. Wouldn't it be nice if Jake felt this way about his little brother all the way through high school and I never had to deal with them fighting? Don't laugh too hard - I can dream, right?

1 Month Old

I distinctly remember being in the hospital and counting down the minutes until Mr.Caleb was one week old. Now where did the last three weeks go? I'm afraid I might get a little redundant here for awhile in my posting because all I want to do is show off my little guy. But you guys don't mind, right? :)