Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th of July

We had fun celebrating the 4th of July with Grandma Terri, Grandpa John, and Uncle Brian. We headed up to Harrisburg for their parade and found out they had kids games right after.
Brian and Grandma Terri killing time and having fun before the kids games started.

Jake and Julie each participated in the race for their age/gender in the Harrisburg kids games. Julie was more interested in saying hi to the starting line judge than actually finishing the race, but with Daddy's help she made it.
Jake was just super excited it was finally his time to race. I'm posting the video of his race that Grandma Terri took, despite the fact that it shows off my newly acquired double chin (you might want to turn your volume down, the scream/cheering noise level is pretty high). By the way, he had just finished eating a grape Popsicle and that's why his face/arms are "discolored."

We lit off fireworks right outside our house. Jake loved them, Julie was pretty scared at first, but by the end she was chasing after them.Sneaking in a picture of Grandpa John since he never lets us take them.

Fish in Training

Our nextdoor neighbors have a pool and when I came home from my night working in the library at the church Jake was splashing around and having a blast. The things Daddy's will resort to when they are watching the kids . . . Holly (in step with her typical baby sitting role) got put on "motor" duty pushing Jake around the pool, and Jake loved their toys so much he wanted to hold all of them at once. :)

Our Care Page

We met with Dr.Rice this Wednesday for our last fetal echo before delivery. I've made a Care Page for all future updates on our baby's condition, that way this is more of a "fun" blog and anyone that wants to know details about our baby and his appointments/surgeries can check that site. You have to create an account to visit his page, but then you can choose to have it automatically email you whenever we update it with new information. If you have any questions on how Care Pages work, feel free to post a comment here or email me directly.

The link to our carepage is: Baby Stecker Care Page

Here's a description of Care Pages from their website: "CarePages are free, easy to use Web pages that help family and friends communicate when a loved one is receiving care. As a CarePage member, you have the opportunity to be there for a family like never before. Rather than wondering or worrying, you will be informed when updates are posted to the site, and you can read and leave messages for the family on the message board anytime."

We are scheduled to visit Doernbecher's on July 11th for a non-stress test, ultrasound to measure growth, and a meeting with the doctor who will be there during delivery. Hopefully we will have an induction date by the time we leave!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Julie's First Coast Trip

Last summer with selling our house and moving to Eugene we somehow never made it out to the coast so even though she's 18 months now (hooray for nursery!) Julie's hadn't been to the coast until this weekend. We missed the unofficial ward coast trip on Friday since we were hanging out with Uncle Brian, but we did see the Charles' Family from our ward so that counts right?

After eating it, rolling in it, and throwing it on people, Julie finally figured out sand is fun to play with too!

The day started off sunny but by the time we took this picture at the end, you could hardly see ten feet in front of you. The people next to us were playing Marco-Polo on the beach!

I found a picture of the newly returned missionary. Hi Brian!

Our self-appointed official guardian against seagulls wore herself out!

I had to sneak in one more picture of Jeremy with curly hair. He keeps threatening to buzz it all off with this summer heat we've been having. Personally, I like the curls, but maybe that's just me.

Uncle Brian's Back!

Our dear Uncle Brian came home last Thursday from his mission in Cleveland, Ohio!! I actually remembered to bring my camera this time, but none of my pictures turned out (stupid airport lighting). :( Hopefully I can steal some pictures from my family to post up here. Needless to say Jake was ecstatic to see his "best buddy" again and Julie was all smiles meeting her long lost uncle for the very first time.

Thanks for serving a mission Uncle Brian. You set a great example for Jacob who wants to leave on a mission right now if he could! We missed you but know you were doing the Lord's work and our family was blessed because of your service.

Brian was a little disappointed that we didn't have more world events to fill him in on that happened while he was gone the last two years. If you guys have any suggestions, let us know so we can fill him in! :)