Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Pre-Halloween Fun

At the beginning of October we had a free rental and so we rented a Dora Halloween special. Ever since Jake watched that show, we are going Halloween crazy at our house!


Looking at each other is always more fun than looking at the camera!

It's hard to find a time when Jake isn't smiling, but asking him to stop looking at the pumpkins so I could take a picture definitely creates one of those moments.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

For yesterday:

Jake - His love and enthusiasm for pumpkins, and Halloween in general, made me smile all day.

Julie - Slept through the night!

For Today:

Jake - He finally learned how to hold up just two fingers to say how old he is . . . I wonder what will happen with that after his birthday here in a few months. He was so proud of himself!

Julie - Not being shy around Grandma Terri this time, and showing off her walking abilities. This happened with Jake too, but I am still amazed at how easily babies pick themselves up and try again whenever they fall (definitely something I can work on).

Monday, October 22, 2007

Can't Sleep

Today in Relief Society, someone made a great comment about President Eyring's talk in conference asking us to remember God's hand in all things. She mentioned how their daughter has started keeping a happiness journal for each of her two kids. I know 'happy moments' are slightly different from what President Eyring was talking about, but I'm going work my way up to what he had in mind. I started a happiness journal for myself, and a lot of my happy moments are about my kids, but I sat in bed tonight thinking how great it would be for each of my kids to have a book of happy thoughts about them when they grow up. So, until I get a book, I figure a blog will do (especially for 12:55 a.m.).

Jake - Lately when he gets hurt he will tell me, "No, go see doctor!" instead of letting me kiss his boo-boo better. Well, tonight he pretended to be a doctor and kiss his own boo-boo better. He's so independent!

Julie - Her smile is definitely a happy moment in someone's life every day. What made me smile the most about her today is when she started babbling, "Da da da da." She's done it maybe one other time so far, but it sure is cute to hear!