Thursday, October 29, 2009

To the Farm!

Yesterday we ventured to Thistdown Farms. Jacob and I went earlier this month with his class but we didn't have time for the hay maze. At the time I told Jake we might come back with Julie and Daddy, and I'm happy to say we did.

Peek-a-boo, I found you!

Can you tell that we loved playing hide and seek in the hay maze?

Are we the only crazy parents left that let our kids "feed" farm animals? A family walked up right as I was taking this picture and started lecturing their kids on how dangerous it was to feed the animals . . .

Jeremy and the donkey shared a bonding moment, and so of course I had to document it with a photo.

The corn maze turned out to be pretty muddy, but this guy rallied the troops and led us to victory (or at least the exit).

I experienced deja vu when we exited the corn maze. I remembered taking a picture of Jake running down the exact same path. They must be siblings or something.

Tune in next week for the update on how our pumpkins carving with the grandparents turns out!

If I used THIS picture, I don't think I could sell my little pumpkin for 25 cents! Can you tell how she feels about being muddy and dirty?

It's always fun to visit the farm and hunt for pumpkins, but this year it was so muddy that we didn't venture all the way to the field. I know denying my kids the pleasure of actually pulling a pumpkin off the vine will undoubtedly result in a therapy session for them when they are going through their mid-life crisis, but at least it saved ME from having a therapy session now. :)