Monday, December 15, 2008

White Stuff, Red Suit

This morning I woke up to all this strange white stuff covering the ground. It usually only happens about once a year here, but now I have a legitimate reason to hope for a "white Christmas" this year. (hey, it's bound to happen eventually if I live here long enough, right?)

We definitely need to visit our Utah relatives during the winter sometimes soon because Jacob didn't last more than five minutes outside today!

Yes, this is the same jacket Julie wore last year when it snowed, but we did upgrade her from socks to mittens this time.

After he handed her a candy cane, Julie told Santa she wanted candy for Christmas. So I'm offically off the hook, right? Isn't it funny that we spend most of our time telling our kids to be careful around strangers, and then we shove them in Santa's lap? But I guess technically Santa ins't a stranger, especially this year.

Santa's helper (who might look very familiar to Peggy) told me that Jacob visited Santa a good three or four times. At least he stood in line each time instead of last year's cutting to the front of the line incident!