Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Day Before Easter

Last Saturday we drove up to Salem. The plan was to go to an Easter Egg hunt and dye some eggs. Despite it being pretty crowded, both kids had a fun and successful hunt. Jake even shared a few of his eggs with little ones that only found one or two themselves. The next part was really funny and I hope my Mom just focuses on how funny it was while she reads this post. Here's a brief rundown of what happened.

Ok guys, let's take a picture of you with all the eggs you found. Look at Mommy and SMILE!
Hmm, I guess Easter eggs are more fun to look at than the camera, who woulda guessed? Maybe if we get Grandma in there to show them where to look we can get a cute shot . . .
Oops, Julie still wasn't looking at the camera. I guess we'll have to take another one. Hey Grandma, look up here . . .
Are you ok? You are? Ok ... let me document this!
(After recovering from laughing) One last try guys . . . success, everyone's looking!

The church that held the Easter egg hunt also had a gym full of activities. Here's Julie sliding out of the bouncy gym thingie.
Jake loves the Easter Bunny (and she loves him apparently) but Julie was too scared.
Then our plans changes slighty - Grandpa John wanted to show us the pretty blossoms at the state capitol instead of dying Easter eggs.Grandparents with the grand kids, very cute!While we were there, we got lucky enough to see a Japanese drumming group perform. All in all it was a very fun day!