Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Late Night Idol Commentary

Just to clarify, I am NOT an Adam fan, Kris all the way for me!

So, our camera is taking a somewhat permanent leave of absence and hanging out full-time at Jeremy's new gym. Usually I take the pictures first and then decide to blog about it later, but without a camera it's hard for me to find something to blog about!

Well, tonight Jacob's nap didn't get over until 5pm and so he's having a late night American Idol watching session with Mommy. Now that we are DVR-less we have to watch things in real time, weird I know!

There's only one other time Jake has really watched American Idol this season with me, and it just so happened to be the night that Adam sang Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire" pictured above. The whole song was filmed with crazy circling camera work and lots of shots of that fire you see in the background, not to mention he put an Egyptian spin on Cash ...

Cut to tonight's American Idol show and they start showing footage of Adam talking to all these kids in his hometown. My little Jake shouts out, "HEY! Hot for lava guy is nice now!!! Look Mom, hot for lava guy is nice!"